Winner of A1’s 2015 Toronto’s Best Magician Competition!

Doing the impossible has never looked more fun.

These shows are perfect for audiences of a dozen to audiences of a thousand. That means it’s a show that will entertain your guests at a small private party, or it will leave a huge impression on your next convention.

Whatever type of event you’re planning, you want to make it one that people will enjoy, and one that they’ll long remember. Contact Phil Pivnick today to find out how to get one of his amazing shows booked for your event.

“So professional! We all were very impressed!”
J Soclova

“We got excellent feedback. You definitely put on an amazing show!”
Project Sunshine

Why hire Phil Pivnick

Phil is a seasoned performer with over a decade of experience in which he’s performed thousands of shows. He has dozens of 5 star reviews from his clients and has received awards from his peers. You can be confident that tailor his magic perfectly for your event.

Make your event more memorable